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Focused on Companies and Efficiency

We advise our clients and accompany them as they grow as a trusted partner,
providing high-level consultancy and outsourced management solutions.
This frees them to concentrate their efforts on their business challenges.



We are present throughout Spain and we are supported by secure, systematized working processes. This differentiates us within our sector, where most firms are small or medium-sized establishments with local influence and traditional working methods.

We are known for:
• Providing information and know-how, so clients can make the best decisions for their business.
• Optimizing company resources to achieve greater efficiency.
• Offering services with an international dimension.
• Combining service and technology: we have developed our own software to meet clients’ needs.
• Our multidisciplinary team.
• We provide legal certainty for all company activities.





We adapt traditional services to today’s highly connected and complex environment. Thanks to technology, we can optimize communications with our clients, facilitating access to their data and systematizing working processes.

We build a direct, personal relationship with our clients, as well as offering comprehensive custom support. We provide legal certainty in all the activities of our clients.

We also provide national and international coverage, based on our membership of the international consultancy association LEA Global.